What you need to know about ‘MTN Pulse’ from MTN Uganda, Pulse data bundles

Telecom giant, MTN Uganda on Thursday 15th February launched a community platform dubbed; MTN Pulse – targeting the youth, giving them the power to be themselves, unleash their full potential and live life with No Fear.

“The MTN brand is 20 years old in Uganda. That is as old as most of the young population in the country. We’ve decided through MTN Pulse to customize products and solutions that are appealing to them and that they can identify with,”Wim Vanhelleputte, CEO at MTN Uganda said during the launch.

According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, at least 77% of Uganda’s population is under 30 years. For MTN Uganda, this presents an opportunity to meet the growing demands of the young, energetic and technology-driven people.

At the launch, Vanhelleputte pointed out that the firm gathered insights into the youth market and noticed that brand needed to identify further with them. “The future in the country in terms of technology will be driven by data,” he said. MTN Pulse is all about how affordable data that will enable the youth to express themselves.

“Young people want to be creative. They want to communicate. The Fear Of Missing Out – FOMO can be real. MTN Pulse will be able to allow them to do gaming, listen to music, create shareable video content, get the latest updates to parties and offer data bundles that suit all their plans,” Vanhelleputte added.

The Pulse data bundles include; MTN Pulse, MTN Pulse plus, and MTN Weekend bundle. The weekend bundle allows one to share weekend plans and all the exciting things that could happen during the weekends. The super-affordable MTN Pulse Weekend bundle is officially killing FOMO because it keeps you connected with all the weekend plans.

Chief Marketing Officer, MTN Uganda; Olivier Prentout. also pointed out that weekends are filled with activities that must be shared. “Those moments can now be shared with an affordable youth friendly weekend bundle,” he said.[related-posts]

The MTN Pulse Data Bundles
MTN PULSE24hrs300MB SWIFT1,000
50MB + 200MB SWIFT
100MB + 100MB SWIFT
MTN PULSE+7 Days1500MB SWIFT5,000
250MB + 1000MB SWIFT
500MB + 500MB SWIFT
6pm Fri

6am Mon
750MB SWIFT2,000
100MB + 500MB SWIFT
200MB + 250MB SWIFT

Notably, the launch of MTN Pulse marked the conclusion of a month-long teaser campaign called #NoFear. During the campaign, MTN had several of its billboards in Kampala ‘defaced’ and sprayed with the words #NoFear in what was viewed as a bold, fearless act of expression, which are desirable traits sought in the Pulsers’ movement.

“The young people like living life on the edge, looking for opportunities to grow and associating with success. With MTN Pulse, we offer them a dynamic gateway to express themselves and interact freely. We would like them to use the movement to seize the opportunities with #NoFear,” Prentout said.

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