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Local Smartphone Manufacturer, Pixan Corp. set to Host a Developers’ Convention

Ugandan smartphone manufacturer, Pixan Corporation will on 22nd this month host a developers convention at The Innovation Village. The company is known for products such as; the Pixan Mobile, Pixan Library and Pixan Store operating under a monolithic brand architecture with Pixan as the master brand.

The Pixan Developers Convention sets out to be a platform that aims at building a community of developers, to achieve the vision of empowering innovators and inventors in Africa, focusing on Uganda. With the theme “Building Communities: A Competitive Advantage for Ugandan Innovators in the Global Economy.” 

According to the Press Release, the 2018 Convention is aimed at explaining how tech developers can work with each other to achieve a tech community and offer a platform on which the much-needed collaboration will take place. “We ought to know that this platform provides certain tools and comes with certain benefits that are quite hard to come by in Africa.”

Being an online platform; it will avail tools and expertise to individual developers and organizations in Uganda to boost their innovations as part of the tech community, with the aim of helping over 30 startups by 2020 through its platform. “At the convention, Pixan Corp. is to launch a platform on which developers and other technocrats can meet their peers and have access to a large pool of knowledge, tools, and resources.”

To register for the convention, visit


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