Future of Bitcoin: Predictions for 2018

Bitcoin’s value decreased considerably in the last two months and people started looking for Bitcoin predictions for 2018 to try and make the right decision regarding their investments. According to investors, there will be some changes this year, so let’s have a look at the way economists think the cryptocurrency will evolve.

Here are the main things that have to be taken into consideration when trying to make Bitcoin future predictions:

  • Supply and demand
  • Governments’ actions
  • The stock market

How Supply And Demand Affect The Bitcoin Value Predictions

The price of a cryptocurrency can go up or down, depending on many factors and, such as in the case of any other market, we can make predictions based on supply and demand. If there are lots of coins available and not too many people want them, then the price goes down. If people want more coins but they cannot only find a few, then the price goes up. When making Bitcoin price predictions, we should think about how hard it is to mine a coin and how many coins could be mined this year. If the supply is bigger and the demand decreases, then we’ll see a drop in Bitcoin’s price.

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How Governments’ Actions Affect Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are not regulated by any government, as they are part of secured transactions between users directly and banks or governments are not involved. This gives people a sense of security and lots of them prefer to use Bitcoin instead of other currencies to make payments. If the government of a country decides to regulate cryptocurrency, then many people will sell them, as they don’t feel that safety anymore, leading to an increasing in Bitcoin’s value. Anyway, the Bitcoin predictions for 2018 are positive, according to investors, some of them claiming it will reach more than $20.000 this year.

The Evolution Of The Stock Market And Its Relation To Cryptocurrencies

Even though Bitcoin is part of the blockchain, which is kind of a stock market for cryptocurrencies, the evolution of the real stock market has an impact on this coin, as well. Some people pay with Bitcoin in UK online casinos, so if the stock falls and some of these venues get closed, those who play and those who own them will definitely want to sell their coins.

We all know that when the stocks fall people start selling and they avoid making more investments. This means that those who wanted to buy some cryptocurrencies will not be interested anymore. Even though the Bitcoin value predictions might look good now, we should also take a look at the stock market predictions to make sure we don’t make a wrong move in 2018.

In conclusion, as long as these three indicators don’t send us bad signals, the price of this coin should go over $20.000, as predicted by experts. If their Bitcoin predictions for 2018 are right, then some people will become filthy rich while others will regret the decisions they made when they sold all the cryptocurrencies, as the price fell.


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