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Understanding the Refreshed MyMTN App

What have been the major successes of MyMTN App since it was launched?

The MyMTN App was launch in 2015 and since then, the self-care mobile application has continued to gather more downloads. There are now about 70,000 downloads and a significant number of them are active users. The success of the app is for MTN continuing to see more downloads and usability. The most important aspect of the platform is that has evolved into a self-service platform. It is used for both MTN Mobile Money and other MTN services like purchasing airtime and data bundles.

MyMTN App has recently been redesigned, giving it a fresh, modern look. Why the change?

The change is for the customer experience that needs to be improved at every opportunity. We have redesigned the experience and given the App a fresh and modern new look.

Based on the feedback from customers and market, we have also improved the functionality features of the app.

Some of the services on the MyMTN App like ‘How to load a badly scratched Voucher’, ‘Reporting issues to Customer Service’, etc were previously sorted out using the Customer Care line. What is your strategic intent with having such services on the MyMTN App? 

We are leading our customers into a Bold New Digital World. By introducing this functionality in the App we are enabling customers to self-serve or report issues without disrupting their day today. Our customers in some instances have to memorize USSD codes for loading airtime, data bundles, calling bundles like MyPakaPaka and checking airtime balance.

How does MyMTN App address the needs of the MTN customer? What are the unique user experiences available?  Describe to us, in your view, the Top 5 capabilities of MyMTN App.
  • The App is FREE to use.
  • The App is available for different OS. No special requirement or need to change your device.
  • Most of all, the app stores your recent payment history including the amount and account details so the next time you want to pay the information is already there so you can confirm.
  • The updated account dashboard gives customers a detailed view of their recent transaction history including calls, SMS, Data, Recharges and Mobile Money.
  • Users can schedule transactions eg for bill payments like NWSC and UMEME, TV subscriptions or send money monthly to the village/shamba boy/mechanic
  • Customers can use the Data Calculator on the App to estimate how much data they need to buy.
  • Devices that support the fingerprint feature can use it as an added security.
  • Customers can report issues to Customer Services and follow up via the App. No need to call the helpline or visit a service center.
  • Postpaid customers can get an itemized transaction history sent directly to their email accounts.
Ugandans are currently using smartphones that are tied to Blackberry, Windows, iOS and Android operating systems. In your experience, which users have downloaded MyMTN App the most and what are the reasons for this?

MyMTN App has been downloaded mainly by Android users because this is the most dominant operating system at the moment in Uganda. We believe that the Android Operating System will continue to be one of the major drivers for downloads on the app.

However, the App is available on all the other platforms, however, to ensure a seamless experience for all customers. For iOS users, it is also available in the Apple App Store.

What is the future of apps such as MyMTN App?
The MyMTN App is an all in one solution and will continue to evolve to meet customer needs. In future, we shall have greater app adoption and usage by MTN customers as Smartphones become more available.

Links to download the app:

  1. Android:
  2. iOS:
  3. Blackberry:
  4. Windows:


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