The power of Digital Real Estate. (Photo Courtesy:
The power of Digital Real Estate. (Photo Courtesy:

The power of the Internet is really only just starting to be discovered. In the history of innovation, it is one of the newest technologies to have graced our societies, and just look at all that has been accomplished. The world’s biggest industries are online; some began and exist solely online. From one-person fashion blogs to corporations, everyone has a place on the Internet, but it is a mistake to say that everyone’s place is equal.

There is an increasing amount of data added online every single day. If there was no way to sort through this data, from how search engines work to even the users, there would be no way that we would ever find what we were looking for. User’s attention spans are low, yes, but they have to be. When you use the Internet, there is so much information available, and that information is created by other users who desperately want you to look at what they have created. You cannot give each and every person the same attention, which is why you skim through.

There are several criteria that users typically use in order to judge a website. These are:

  1. Design

The first indicator that often will attract or turn away users is the quality of the website’s design. A beautiful and professional website needs to do its part in hooking the user so that they do more than add to your bounce rate. That is why businesses and individuals alike should use website design agencies like Lucid Digital. It is the only way to ensure quality design that captivates the users who come to your page, so visit for more information.

  1. Content

Having the most beautiful website in the world, however, will not help you unless you can provide value to the user. That is where content comes in. Content can be in the form of products, articles, photographs, videos, and more. The value that the user will associate with your content will determine how long they stay on your site, what they do on your site, and whether they share you with their friends. Great content is the key to success, because even the best marketing campaign in the world cannot help you if your final product isn’t up to snuff.

  1. Trustworthiness

People are becoming savvy when it comes to using the Internet. They do not go on websites that have bad ratings and will click off if it looks untrustworthy. They also do not buy from websites that do not have the necessary encryption and protection certificates that ensure their payments go through safely. Trustworthiness can be found in good reviews, good customer service, and in ensuring that you do everything that you can to protect your and your users’ data from data corruption or hacking.

There are so many aspects to owning a successful website. From design to content creation, to marketing, to customer service – the list goes on and on. Do your best to be reputable, provide value, and be visually appealing.