Four Business Assumptions You Should Never Make

Assumptions are terrible things to make. Not only do they make you complacent, but they also lead to unfavorable situations that could have been easily avoided. As a business, these assumptions could lead to bankruptcy. You need to put extra precautions in place, and you need to always be on the lookout for ways to improve your company. Assumptions mean that you don’t think towards the future and that you aren’t prepared for changing trends or situations.

These four businesses assumptions, in particular, should never be made:

  1. Your Greatest Employees Will Stay

One of the things you should stop assuming right away is that your employees will automatically stay. There are a lot of jobs out there, and once an employee is at a certain point where you not only value their talent but rely on it, they have options to look elsewhere. That is why you need to not only just offer a paycheck, but you need to offer a career to increase employee retention. You need to provide value to your employees. You need to make them want to work for you and want you to succeed. If you don’t, you risk losing your best.

  1. Working Hard Will Give You Success

Another assumption that you should never make is that hard work equates success. This simply isn’t true. Success comes from hard work, certainly, but it also comes from innovative thinking, tactics, talent, and luck. You need to know the industry, you need to know tech trends, and you need to know what customers want. Business success is difficult. Knowing how your competition failed or succeeded is a great way to learn, and hiring and relying on talented employees will increase your business’ profitability and value.

  1. You Will Stay Popular

If your business has already tasted success, you should never assume that is how it always will be. Success can come and go in an instant. The biggest household names have disappeared and gone bankrupt in the past, meaning you need to always work to provide more value to your customers or clients. You need to always market appropriately, and you need to always network. Your success is a temporary state, and you need to work hard and be smart if you want to continue to be successful tomorrow, and for years forward.

  1. Your Data is Safe

One of the ways that your company will stay popular is to stay on trend. This means using new technologies, such as cloud computing, to both improve workflow and increase your value to your customers or clients. Using the cloud, however, means that your data and your customer’s data is in someone else’s data center. It is a huge risk to assume that data is safe there. You need to use extra protection and security. While cloud service providers take basic security precautions, it’s up to the customer to ensure that employees use the cloud responsibly. This means keeping all of your software up-to-date, training your employees to spot phishing attacks, and using extra software like a cloud access security broker to protect your data in the cloud.

Work hard and always strive to improve and provide more value to your employees, your business partners, your customers, and your clients, and you have a better shot at long-term success.


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