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Innovation Village to Host the ICT in Agriculture Agri-Talks

ICT entrepreneurship and innovation development in the agricultural sector is taking shape in Uganda and offers new employment opportunities to the youth. This month’s Agri-Talk gives participants a chance to hear the remarkable cross-generational discussions between some of the country’s most interesting ICT in agriculture entrepreneurs.

Therefore, Tech and Incubation Hub; The Innovation Village, will on Friday 18th, August 2017 host the ICT in Agriculture Agri-Talks – an initiative of Uganda Agribusiness Alliance and support from Youth 4 Agribusiness – which will see Mr Robert Kintu; Managing Director FIT Insights and Ms Zilla Mary Arach; CTO and Founder of Akorion share how they have done it, the hurdles they face and those they have overcome, along with many other fascinating insights into what drives agribusiness today.

While the agricultural sector is believed not to be very popular among young people in Uganda, ICT innovations are contributing to improving its image. These advance value chains, will provide new employment opportunities, and attract more young people to the sector.[related-posts]

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