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Uganda Travel Month is Here – Consider These Tech Gadgets/Apps on your Journey

A new and exciting domestic tourism drive dubbed Uganda Travel Month (UTM) is a brainchild of The Pearl Guide Uganda, a private tourism marketing firm, launched last year in September, the UTM usually happens to take place in the month ending September to October.

During UTM, Uganda’s much deprived middle class get to tour and experience the gems that make Uganda a much coveted destination globally through a 4 week circuit that takes large groups out into the wild at once-in-a-lifetime discounted fees.

The inaugural edition focused on four destinations; Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park and Jinja. This year’s Uganda Travel Month will as well still focus on four destinations scheduled to run from September 30th to October 22nd with the first trip heading to Fort Portal’s Crater Lakes, second trip at Lake Bunyonyi, third trip at Queen Elizabeth Wild Wonders, and finally the last trip will be heading to Murchison Falls.

Notably, the UTM is sponsored by big names including; Nile Special, Total Excellium, MTN, Jumia Travel, Radiocity, Marafiki Safaris, Geo Lodges, Arcadia Lodges, Simple Entertainment, and Rweteera Safari Park.

So what gadget (or mobile apps) will you carry with you at this year’s UTM. Here’s our selection that you might find a bit interesting:

1. Laptop/Tablet
In this case, I will say one would ought to go with a laptop, especially to those that will have carried cameras with them. With the SD Card slot on your laptop you could have all your pictures taken to your laptop to create more space on the SD Card.

2. Smartphone
A smartphone lets say is like a must go gadget will on travel. You want to still chat with your friends or family at home, post pictures will on journey, capture live videos, to name a few. Yes! you will need one of these. Preferably, you will ought to get one that has a good camera both for the selfie or the rear camera. So the smartphone will be a backup to those that don’t or can’t afford to have DSLR cameras to capture their moments.

3. Smartphone Camera Lens
Additional smartphone camera lenses are awesome gadgets that you will ought for. This good to those that are photogenic, you love taking pictures, capturing nature and landscape, these lenses will enhance your photos adding more life to your pictures.

4. Extra SD Card
Taking pictures and capturing videos can really consumer a lot of space on your SD Card. So if you have a DSLR camera and shooting in RAW images, you might wanna consider carrying and extra SD Card.

5. Power Bank
I strongly recommend this. Its very essential as your backup plan in case your phone runs out battery.

6. Mi-Fi/Modem
In case you want to cut costs on buying data which will keep depleting within hours, you can wish to carry a Mi-Fi or a Modem with you. Purchase for data that will be enough for your trip. This will be good enough for those that might want to stream the journey live on their social media platforms; like – Twitter, Facebook, or SnapChat.

7. Travel App
Download travel apps that will guide you will exploring these place. Learn more about their history, find out nearby historic sites that you might wish to explore some other time or will at your stops.

You might want to consider downloading the MTN Uganda Guide app from your preferred app store since it will have all the schedules for the event/journey. The app is free and available for download for AndroidiOS and Windows Phone users.

8. Social media apps
Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, you can post live feeds, share photos and let you friends know what’s happening. Tag along with the #Hashtag #UGTravelMonth2017 to get more engagements and impressions on your feeds.

Editor’s Note: For bookings call/contact: +25677-5498582, 0414-695658 or email at

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