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New Snapchat Update Rolls Out Limitless Snaps and Magic Eraser Tool

If you’ve ever received a Snap from a friend and felt frustrated that you couldn’t view it for more than ten seconds (even after replaying it), you’re not alone. That’s why Snap Inc. is rolling out a Snapchat update today that brings limitless Snaps and a few other useful features.

The move comes the same week that Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, will report its quarterly earnings for the first time as a public company.

Snapchat messages self-destruct after 1 to 10 seconds, as chosen by the sender. Now you can set the snap to “limitless,” letting the recipient view your picture for as long as you like, by tapping an infinity icon. It will still self-destruct after they close the message, though.

Snapchat is also introducing looping videos — essentially the video version of a limitless snap. Record a video, tap the looping icon, and it will repeat until your friend closes the snap. With looping videos, Snapchat is taking a step toward Boomerangs — Instagram’s own short-form looping video format.

Then there is the new Magic Eraser tool that allows you to censor a certain part of an area on your photo. This new tool can be found under the Scissor tool option.

The new tools will begin arriving today on iOS and Android.


Credit: The Verge


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