A user showing off an iCloud Backup on an iPhone. Image Credit: Payette Forward
A user showing off an iCloud Backup on an iPhone. Image Credit: Payette Forward

How would you feel if all the data you have gathered over the years suddenly disappeared? This includes important documents, emails, photos, files and client, customer or colleague information. We are guessing you would be a little worried, and rightly so.

If you are guilty of failing to protect your valuable data, we are providing informative information on why you need to regularly perform a backup.

Cyber Threats to a Business
You might not realize it, but there are cyber criminals out there looking for their next vulnerable target – and there is no reason why your business cannot become their next victim if you fail to backup.

Sadly, a cyber attacker can use ransomware to encrypt your files and hold your data hostage until you pay their ransom money. If a company cannot afford the ransom fee, they could be forced to close their doors for good. However, even if a company chooses to pay the ransom, the disruption to the business’s daily operations, financial loss and reputation problems could cause irreversible damage.

The Dangers of Failing to Backup
In addition to falling vulnerable to a cyber attack, a failure to backup can also cause additional issues for an organisation. For example, it can only take one action to accidentally delete an important document, which could result in a failure to adhere to the Data Protection Act. However, by regularly backing up your data, you can quickly recover a lost document so that you can focus on your daily business operations.

Other factors that could potentially harm your valuable data can include:

  • Computer damage.
  • Theft.
  • Physical computer damage.
  • Hard drive failure.

A backup solution can therefore protect your important data, should something happen to your computer – as you can gain remote access of your essential information from any computer with internet access. So, you can easily restore your files to enjoy business as usual.

How to Protect Against Vulnerabilities
There are a variety of backup services on the market, which can ensure you never need to worry about compliance or data issues again.

For example, one of the most innovative backup solutions on the market is the CloudFlex Microsoft Office 365 Backup and Disaster Recovery solution. It offers a more reliable backup facility for Microsoft Office 365 tools, as all files will be automatically encrypted during storage and transit, so you never need to worry about losing data again due to accidental deletion, a downtime or cyber crime.

A system downtime can also disrupt a company’s daily operations, so it is essential to restore your business environment as soon as possible. The solution therefore allows you to search and restore your data via a single user interface.

Nothing is more important to your company than the data both you and your employees accumulate over the years – as you can analyse the information to drive your business into the future. It is therefore essential you protect your important files, which will allow your company to focus on improving both your product and the customer experience.


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