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How Customer Experience Can Be The Best Marketing Strategy

Our job is to connect with people, interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them. As Customer Service representatives, we should be keenly aware of the enormous power we have that can create an identity, shapes expectations, drives desire and brings the customer to us.

In the few years I have worked in the Customer Service Operations, I have come to the realization that, the relationship you create with the customer at any touch point be it Service Center or Online; would determine how often that Customer will come back and/ buy a product or service or even recommend a family member/friend to buy from you.

Human Interactions:
We interact with Customers on a daily basis. Today, most Customers have gone digital and can access you from anywhere while on the go.

The Customer will remember me depending on our interaction – this can be positive or negative. I always aim for the positive. This is what they will publicly talk about; you and your brand. From a marketing perspective, the quality of these interactions is enormously significant to the brand.

The smiling faces we put on, the soft talk while remaining original and candidly interacting with customers, is the best compelling content that can counteract a bad experience of a marketing design.

Simple Approach:
As customer service people, we instinctively know how wonderful it is when a customer receives value and has a very positive experience when they deal with us.

Speaking honestly to customers builds a lasting relationship (Loyalty) with the customer. By doing this, you won’t miss out on repeat business and referrals that enchanted Customers bring.

Recently, a colleague won a weekend off work. He had an opportunity with a customer who was not happy with an internet service. But because he spoke with the customer candidly and was open, the customer loved the brand even more despite the issues he was facing.

Finally, we need to break the “agent” and “manager “gap about who should address customer problems. Our reactions especially by managers send out a message to a customer when a problem is raised to them. I have experienced scenarios when a customer addresses a problem to a manager and without finding out the details around the problem, the manager picks up their desk phone to call someone else to look into the matter.

While it would appear a good thing to do, the customer sees something else. They feel that even managers don’t care about customers. We should all take the onus to listen to customers, find out what the problem is and solve it. This is what customer centricity is all about.

Customer Service Advisors need to be empowered with both information and the tools to fulfill the marketing role. Customer service is a critical point in identification and representation of a brand.[related-posts]


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