Who to See at ISC West 2017

If you work in the security industry, ISC West should be on the top of your list for networking! ISC is one of the largest conventions that cater to those who use network security products, video surveillance, alarms, and access control. At this event, you are likely to: see new products be unveiled, have the opportunity to talk with companies and developers who provide products you use, meet new companies and developers, meet other people in the industry and make great connections!

Here is a preview of who you should visit when at the event:

Nortek Security & Control – Booth 20031
Nortek Security & Control is popular in the security industry and has a reputation that reflects just how reliable they are. They have over one million security systems spread out in personal, residential, and commercial properties. Add in 23 awards over the last 17 years, they have proven to be a company you should get to know!

KEYU Intelligence Co, Ltd – Booth 2048
KEYU is well known in the electronic door lock industry. They have been around for 24 years and worked with thousands of hotels, municipal complex projects, schools, banks, and commercial buildings. In addition to being a leader with door locks, they also provide protective services in the access control systems and elevator systems sector. This year at ISC West, they will be unveiling the 6100-D HUNE Swipe Card door lock.

Hangzhou iSmart Video Tech Co., Ltd – Booth 40218
iSmart Video is the lead OEM service provider and manufacturer of PTZ cameras. PTZ cameras are intended for surveillance and observation by; The Coast Guard, vessels, boarders, vehicle patrols, and airports. Their special mobile, or fixed, PTZ systems give a clear view in the light of day or dark of night despite the harsh environments of ground and sea fields. This year they will be unveiling their latest PTZ camera, the AC3 HD IP PTZ Camera.

Cominfosec – Booth 6109
Cominfosec is a North American factory direct supplier for Cominfo, who happens to be a manufacturer of IT Enabled pedestrian entrance controlled solutions. This includes turnstiles, barrier or optical turnstiles, speedgates, and security revolvers. At ISC West this year, they will be discussing the BAR Security Tripod Turnstiles. They describe it as a high quality motorized security that provides you with a low-cost solution.

Vision Components GmbH – Booth 1043
Vision Components is a top supplier of video analytic systems, face & object detection software, smart cameras, motion tracking, people counters, and traffic analysis. This year, they will be talking about the Carrida ALPR Engine. This strong OEM library is easy to integrate into your already existing security applications and is used for high-speed recognition of license plates.

Should I Attend?
The short answer is, yes! If you are on the fence, consider your role with security in your workplace or career. ISC caters to the following:

  1. Integrators.
  2. Consultants.
  3. Specifiers.
  4. Architects.
  5. Engineers.
  6. IT Vars.
  7. IT Integrators.
  8. CTO’s.
  9. Risk & Compliance.

Covering so many aspects of security means that if you work in any aspect of security, this is an event for you!

With almost a thousand exhibitors, covering every aspect of security that is imaginable, this is sure to be a fantastic conference to attend.

ISC West is hosted in Las Vegas from April 4th to 6th, 2017.

Registration is currently $100 with registration at the door priced at $150.

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