Twitter's 140 Characters are here to stay. Image Credit: ABC News
Image Credit: ABC News

Micro-blogging website, Twitter Inc. is testing a feature wherein some user profiles are flagged as containing “potentially sensitive content“.

When users click on one of these profiles from a link on social network, a warning message displays that reads ‘Caution: This profile may include sensitive content’, TechCrunch reported on Thursday.

The warning takes up the entire profile page, requiring users to click or tap a prompt to agree to view the profile.

To reduce abuse on the network, Twitter recently announced the introduction of new optional filters to prevent a user from being notified when certain accounts tweet at them.

The new filters also include accounts without profile photos – called “eggs” for the default egg picture given to new Twitter accounts – as well as accounts without verified phone numbers or email addresses.

Twitter is reportedly augmenting the new filters with machine learning. The moment Twitter will detect that accounts are repeatedly tweeting at accounts that they don’t follow, or engaging in unspecified other activities likely to signal abuse, the company will temporarily limit their access to the platform.

source: TechCrunch and IANS