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Google Play Store Gets a ‘Free App of the Week’ Section – still available for US Citizens

On it’s newest updates rolled out last weekend, Google has added a Free Apps Section in its Play Store app marketplace that serves up a paid Android app for free every week. However, one detail to note is that the new free apps section only appears to be available on US storefront for now as the company didn’t specify/mention/comment whether the new section would be made available globally.

The apps are free for a maximum of 8 days and only once in 30 days.

One of the apps seen in the free app section is a card game based on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time franchise; Card Wars which costs $2.99, but can now be picked up at no charge right for now.

According to online reports, the search-firm only recently allowed developers to run sales on their paid apps (along with the ability to make them available for free for as long as they liked) while displaying the full price.

According to Android Police, accessing the Free Apps section is fairly simple. If you’re using a desktop, simply point your browser to the Google Play Store and then click on the Apps section. Once in there scroll down right to the very bottom to find the free app section.

Notably, Apple also has the free app section which it introduced in 2012 offering one free app per week.

Editor’s Note: The store previously had a free weekly app promotion in 2015, but it seems to have died out at some point.

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