9 Video Game Trends for the Future

The video gaming industry has come a long way since the early days of the Atari 2600 and its limited graphics and gameplay. As more people become interested in playing all different types of video games, the industry continues to develop new technologies and new ways to entertain gamers.

Here are nine trends that could be coming soon to the video game industry.

1. Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality has been in development for many years for the gaming industry. While some primitive virtual reality experiences have had limited releases over the past decade, insiders expect to see the virtual reality experience brought to gamers’ living rooms in the near future. Instead of playing on a controller, the virtual reality game offers users a headset and completely immerses them into the virtual world of the game.

2. Incorporating the Physical World

Another big trend that is poised to make a huge impact on the video game industry is something called augmented reality. This concept allows players to use the real world in combination with the game’s virtual world during gameplay. It has already been successfully implemented in the recent title, Pokémon Go. In the future, more video games may take advantage of this unique way to interact with the gaming universe and get more people out in the world exploring different places.

3. Even More App Development

With the popularity of tablets and mobile smartphones, app development is another component of the video game industry that is ready to be even more influential. Some industry experts believe the future of video gaming lies in smartphone app development rather than new console marketing. The quick development timeline for apps is ideal for an audience who is always seeking something better or more revolutionary right away instead of a few years from now.

4. Educational Video Games

The educational video game market is another place that could benefit from the industry and its technology. As the movement for a better school system continues to make political waves, educational settings that take place online may become more commonplace. With this new trend, more types of educational software and gaming titles focused on teaching skills could soon be introduced more regularly.

5. Groundbreaking Graphics

Graphics have come a long way since the days of pixelated characters bouncing around on players’ screens. Video game budgets have expanded allowing gaming companies to use powerful graphic processes, like performance capture technology, to bring virtual characters to life. Characters that look straight out of real life or from a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster are going to be more commonplace on video game screens in the near future.

6. Personalized Video Game Content

Another key to success in the future gaming industry is personalized content. High-tech video game consoles in the future will be able to know a large amount of information about you and use that information to customize your content. Video games like this may rely on your past likes and dislikes, time devoted to certain games, and other demographic details. This way, players can get a special and unique experience every time they turn on their console.

7. Social Video Games

Social media is another spot where video games will potentially expand their reach even more. More companies plan to start using social media platforms to engage with players and potential customers. Bobby Kotick, an industry expert at Activision, uses Facebook and other social media accounts to get players excited about gaming and more. The influential marketing power of this part of the internet can make a huge impact on a company.

8. Streaming Games

The video game buying process may also change dramatically in the future with the surge in popularity of streaming services for entertainment. Since the video rental business has plummeted, the act of physically renting video games has become less common. Instead, users can now rent titles on-demand and stream video games directly to their console or smartphone. It may become more popular to stream the top video games instead of buying them directly. Users can instantly get access to the top games and not have to wait for a shipment or go to a physical store.

9. Gaming on the Cloud

The amount of data required for the best and most advanced video games is increasing, requiring many types of consoles to enhance their data storage capacities. There may be a gap in technology at some point when the consoles can’t keep up with the data demands for the top games. One solution to this problem is to incorporate the use of the cloud in games instead of titles loaded onto a disc and one specific console unit. This way, you could get more from your gaming experience and not have to worry about storage limits and problems with memory.

The evolution of the video game industry continues to see dramatic uses of technology and marketing techniques to bring more advanced games to the population. As technology changes, you may see a totally new experience for the average video game user.


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