Tech Innovations That are Great for Curing Boredom

Pre-internet days when you got bored you had to sit around a piano and sing songs with your family, play tag in a field, or organize your room, but now when you get bored there is a whole new world of boredom crushing goodness just waiting to be experienced.

Thanks to technology we can while away days of our lives on completely pointless distractions that stop us interacting with real people and dull our brains so much that we don’t focus on the politicians destroying the world… but man is it fun.

Here are the best ways you can use technology and internet to destroy your boredom malaise.

Pokémon Go
Unless you’ve been living under a Rock-Type Pokémon for the past week or so, you will have undoubtedly heard about Pokémon Go. It is has almost literally taken the world by storm. If the streets seem busier than normal, it’s because they are filled with Pokémon trainers trying to ‘catch ‘em all’ and ‘be the very best, like no one ever was’… sorry got lost in a 90s flashback. It is a phenomenon of epic proportions that only Harry Potter and Star Wars could hope to match.

If you don’t know what it is, essentially you walk around the real world with your phone out and catch Pokémon that you find in the real world. It is every 90’s kid’s fantasy.


Drone Warfare Sightseeing
Drones started life out as the bogey men of the internet and tabloids with people certain they’d be used to spy on us and drop bombs on society’s undesirables, however it seems that they are also being used to sightsee. You can actually watch air drone videos online now of people using their drones to film the world around them. It’s an excellent time waster because you get to see other parts of the world that you might not ever get to see in real life. People film exotic waterfalls, famous cities, and even pods of dolphins.

Nature Webcam
In a similar way to the drone sightseeing, you can watch webcams that are set up around the world to watch nature, so instead of bitesize chunks of awesome that are the drone videos, you sit and relax whilst watching the animal kingdom do its thing.

Radiooooo (Yes, 5 ‘Os’ for some reason)
This is a fun little site that allows you to click on a time and place on the world map and listen to music from the period that was popular. So 60’s Britain would include rock and pop, whereas 30’s Australia will throw up a folk song. There’s a similar site called forecast.io that allows you to see the present day weather from around the world. I don’t know why it’s so interesting, but it is and I lost an entire hour the other day, which is quite sad, when I think about it.

The internet is an endless goldmine of boredom busting activities and the above list is just some of my particular favorites.


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