EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale. This is the modern equipment utilised today in just about every major retail business, from clubs and restaurants, to pubs, shops, and more. Why is it so popular? Well, it allows for super fast, really efficient sales transactions, and it also allows for speedy recording of vital information regarding those sales.

Tablet kiosks are changing EPOS solutions, and more companies are opting to use these products instead of other more traditional options. Continue reading to learn about why tablet kiosks are becoming increasingly popular in EPOS.

Replacing Big Cash Registers with Streamlined Tablets

Forget about that old cash register taking up valuable space on your countertop. With tablet kiosks, you can now have a convenient register that looks streamlined, modern, and really trendy.

When running a small business in a tight space, every little bit of countertop space is important for displaying promotional materials, signs, and products, so a tablet is a great way to get rid of that old cash register you used to see everywhere you went.

And with great tablet enclosures like those at www.imageholders.com, you can present your business to customers in a modern and attractive way through a tablet kiosk that can be counter mounted, making it easy to read and use.

Great for Businesses on Small Budgets

When starting a new business, you’ll likely be on a very tight budget, so even if you wanted a large and traditional cash register, you may not be able to afford one. The great thing about using a tablet for your EPOS is the fact that it’s really affordable. You can invest a small amount of your budget into the hardware necessary to establish your tablet POS and then efficiently manage your company’s workflow.

A Quicker Learning Curve for New Employers

Young employees already know how to use the latest technology, especially when it comes to tablets and their apps. So if you want to cut back on the amount of time spent training new staff members, a tablet EPOS is a great way to go. Younger employees will likely learn how to use this technology really quickly, which means there will be less of a learning curve and less money spent paying for training.

Make Customers Order and Pay More Quickly

Customers hate waiting in line, but with a tablet kiosk, you can cut down on wait times while allowing customers to place orders and pay for items without a line having to form.

This will boost customer service, as well as transaction times, while also ensuring secure transactions with credit cards. Plus, customers love being in control, so they’ll appreciate the fact that you’re allowing them to use your tablet kiosk to place orders and pay.

As you can see, there are many great reasons why tablet kiosks are becoming more popular for EPOS solutions. From being budget friendly, to reducing the learning curve of employees and opening up more countertop space to make your business look modern and hip, this new technology offers loads of benefits.