One of the most dramatic success stories of digital technologies is the way that the gambling industry has been able to extend its scope and reach. Where once gambling was a niche pastime – confined either to sports venues, casinos or high street bookmakers, today it has been freed to become something altogether more mainstream.

Wherever you are and whatever you may ostensibly be doing, you are now only ever a click away from your next bet. It is the sort of irresistible simplicity that has spawned a $40 billion dollar industry in the space of just a few short years.

Inevitably the best gaming apps and the best lottery apps offer more than just a straightforward betting opportunity. They are highly sophisticated in terms of their security, the quality of their interface and the range of gaming options they enable.

Such has been the intensity of the race to capture some of the huge revenues involved that online gaming has been the subject of considerable research and development. In just the same way that individual games can ‘go viral’ gambling site developers are continually on the look-out for a formula that can generate a comparable level of public excitement. The right formula offers the route to unimaginable returns.

The result of this competitive scenario is that even something as seemingly straightforward as the humble lottery now operates in a keenly contested marketplace. Apps that enable multiple game options such as virtual scratch cards or the chance to bet on a variety of international lotteries, as well as automatic win notifications, automated pre-payment and special offers and discounts are, inevitably, making the humdrum business of buying a ticket in a shop or checking the result from a TV draw a thing of the past. What is more, as in so many other areas, they are also making the once cutting edge notion of a website that you have to go to the trouble to log into a thing of the past as well.

Once upon a time a lottery was about the most low-tech form of fun you could find. Although the fundamental matter of picking numbers out of a draw remains beguilingly simple, the means by which that oh-so simple equation has been developed in the modern day marketplace has become thoroughly technologized.