The Top Public Safety Apps for Emergency and Aid Workers

Whether it’s an earthquake or a terrorist attack, it’s important for humanitarian organizations and police to be able to respond quickly and efficiently. Due to the constantly shifting nature of operations of this scope, mobile apps and services can be a very useful way for responders to communicate with one another and access real-time communication on the ground. They need to be briefed before they even arrive, which is why the following apps are so useful in the realm of security and public safety.

Humanitarian Kiosk

H.Kiosk was set up by the United Nations to provide real-time information for responders. It covers emergencies as they happen all over the world. The applications is broken up into numerous independent ‘kiosks,’ each providing its own set of information for areas with a UN presence or where there are continuous humanitarian conflicts.


Today, global public safety relies just as much on trained emergency staff as well as the citizens who are on the ground trying to survive in the midst of a catastrophe. ubAlert is a social network that lets each user gain access to safety alerts, statistics, maps, or images, which can be shared.


Workplace emergencies and violence are of major concern to businesses. Preparis is a subscription-based app which helps work to protect employees from natural disasters, terrorism, or other threats. It allows businesses to create and share crisis plans, contact information, live news feeds, and any other pertinent documents.

Global Emergency Overview

With conflicts and disasters all over the news on a daily basis, it can seem an impossible task to keep up with all of these public safety issues. The Global Overview helps provide a basic snapshot of what’s happening each week, giving users a succinct summary of the current crises.

American Red Cross Public Safety Apps

In the USA, when disaster strikes it’s often the American Red Cross on the scene first. This organization offers a wide range of public safety apps, including a Shelter Finder as well as an app for volunteers. They cover potential disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods, while giving basic first aid tips in a step-by-step format. You’ll also receive warning alerts if you live in a flood or tornado-prone area. .


The Federal Emergency Management Agency also offers their own app similar to the Red Cross’s, including nearby shelters, safety tips, and emergency meeting room locations. It offers disaster safety tips that help give both citizens and government responders the information they need to stay organized in often confusing situations. Of course, one issue that’s important to think about is staying connected enough to use apps like this. Carriers like Nokia Networks offer LTE mobile broadband to scale including a portable network that can be used by responders after the usual networks have been knocked out by hurricanes or other natural disasters.

NIOSH Chemical Hazards

Public safety also involves daily hazards like chemical exposure on the job, which is where NIOSH Chemical Hazards comes in. This app gives a quick roundup of the recommended exposure limits for hazardous materials, allowing users to search by formula, CAS No. or chemical name.

In emergency situations, having information like this at your fingertips can save lives, making apps like these a vital tech tool.

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