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Yep, more parents are naming their kids after Instagram filters

BabyCenter just released the results of its annual Baby Names Survey… but we don’t care about any of that. What is interesting, however, is just how much growth we’re seeing in names that just so happen to be Instagram filters.

Pop culture has always been a big influencer in baby naming.

We saw Elsa climb in popularity after ‘Frozen,’ Katniss transcend District 12 in favor of a bouncy chair and one mother who decided that “Hashtag” was as good a name as any.[related-posts]

But this year, we’re seeing rapid growth in pop culture naming conventions from a different source of inspiration: Instagram.

To be clear, all of these names were around before Instagram but you still can’t ignore the growth that filter-mania looks to be responsible for.

Now, can someone please just name their kid Lo-Fi or X-Pro II already and get it over with?

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