Adobe Renames Flash Development Tool ,Flash Still Flash

Adobe is renaming the development tool for Flash files from Flash Professional to Adobe Animate CC.

The newly-named program will still create .swf files, which are used for everything from animation to streaming video, but the Flash files themselves will remain pretty much the same. That is to say, they’ll remain troubling from a security standpoint.

Some security experts go so far as to recommend removing Flash from your computer entirely. Flash was once the undisputed king of web animation, but as it became apparent that the software exposes users to sometimes significant security flaws, the HTML5 standard came to replace Adobe’s standard.[related-posts]

The updated name also comes with updated features, like vector art brushes and improvements to existing pencils and brushes. It will also see better integration with Adobe’s Creative Cloud software suite, which includes everything from Photoshop to Illustrator to video editing software Premiere.

Back in July, Microsoft released an unscheduled security update¬†for a vulnerability in every version of Windows going back to Vista. The vulnerability was related to the Adobe Type Manager tool and could have allowed an attacker to take total control of an affected system. That’s not good.



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