Uganda is currently the Leading Source of Kenya’s Mobile Roaming Traffic

Data released by the Communication Authority of Kenya has revealed that Uganda is currently the Leading Source of Kenya’s Mobile Roaming Traffic.

The report is for the fourth quarter statistics report  for the period between April and June 2015 on the mobile telephony sector.

Under roaming, the CA has divided the traffic into  roaming in and roaming out, where roaming in represents traffic originating and terminated by foreign subscribers as users of local network.

Roaming out on the other hand represents traffic originating and terminated by subscribers of national networks as users of foreign networks abroad.

According to the data within the report, roaming out traffic stood at 26.5 million minutes, within the East African region contributing  23.3 million minutes while non-EAC countries contributed 3.1 million minutes.

From the messaging front, roaming out messages stood at 8.3 million messages with the EAC contributing 4.8 million messages.

Roaming out data stood at  2.3 million MBs. Roaming in traffic on the other hand, registered a total of 19.5 million minutes with EAC countries contributing 15.6 million minutes while non-EAC states contributed 3.9 million minutes.

Roaming data traffic stood at 4.5 Million megabytes.

Uganda was the highest contributor of roaming traffic for both voice, sms and data from the EAC region followed by Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

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