Snoop Dogg(Snoop Lion) has built a new startup called Merry Jane, which is a community centered on the cannabis lifestyle and business.

The rapper said the website includes content from various partners, including actor Seth Rogen and will launch in October.

The site will only let 420 people into the site in beta.

Merry Jane partner Ted Chung said that this is the priority for things in the cannabis space:

“Snoop has been at the forefront of this throughout his entire year.”

Ted said the site is a way to gather the top-tier influencers and content creators in the space and share communication around cannabis.

Snoop Dogg is certainly no stranger to cannabis, he says he enjoys it for medical reasons, and it’s a peace situation for him.

The website will have different types of content, including original shows that range from creating edibles to a series called “Deflowered,” one-on-one interviews where people share stories about their first-time experience.

Via VB