Google Docs update brings voice typing, new templates, smart sheets and more

Google has today pushed a bunch of new features and general improvements to its Docs suite of web-based productivity apps.

Announced on the official Google Docs blog, Google is adding a new set of tools that makes it easier than ever to keep your nose inside your work, and quickly type out thoughts as soon as they come to you.

The first product change is specifically for the Docs word processor – Voice typing – makes it possible to speak into your microphone and have it all transcribed to a document. The feature is available in more than 40 languages, so there’s a good chance Google’s got you covered.

Next up to see some love from Google is Forms, its lightweight survey software. Forms gains more personalization options, allowing those creating a new survey to style it with one of Google’s preset themes, or upload their own logo and have Forms automatically the form’s color palette to it.

Also Docs, Sheets, and Slides have all three received new templates for a variety of different use-cases like resumes, portfolios, and more. Sheets by itself will now create visualizations of your data on-the-fly as you add it.

All of these features and changes are rolling out today, and Google has a separate blog post up for teachers about Share to Classroom.

Credit: Google Docs Blog, PhanAndroid


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