With almost every web hosting company out there promising benefits such as unlimited resources, 99% uptime, and a wealth of support, choosing which company to go with when it comes to hosting your website can often be a difficult decision to make. By taking some time to do your research – you’re already heading in the right direction if you’re reading this – you can find a way to cut through the jargon, understand what hosting companies mean by what they say, and figure out which companies offer the services that best suit your needs. Here are just some of the important factors to consider.


Unless you’ve got unlimited access to as much money as you need, the price of a hosting service is probably the first and most important factor for many people looking to choose a web host. However, the price should never be the deciding factor – as although many web hosting services offer amazing prices, paying more to ensure that the service meets all of your needs can be a tactic that will serve you well in the future. For the best results, you should first decide which hosts offer the services that you need, and then compare the prices.


Because different web hosts specialise in different services and tailor their products to meet the needs of certain customers, it’s a fact that not all web hosts are the right choice for different kinds of customers. For example, whilst some web hosts offer brilliant shared plans they may not be the best choice for start-up businesses, and others may have a great support package for entrepreneurs that simply aren’t needed if all you want to do is start a basic blog about a hobby. For this reason, when choosing a web host it’s important that you list exactly what it is that you need it to do for you.

Technical Support

Unless you’re a trained web developer, you are most likely going to need some form of technical support at some point during the development and hosting of your website, as well as when maintaining it. The best web hosting services will provide an option for technical support, and although you may need to pay a little extra for the service, it’s definitely worth your while. Before choosing a web host, look at their reputation for technical and customer support – how do they respond to queries, and how quickly do they resolve customer issues?

Features and Add-Ons

Whether it’s an online store, extra data back-ups or energy saving strategies, what is it that the web hosting companies you are looking at offer that make them special and set them apart from the others? Deciding which features are important to you and your website will help you to narrow down the list of potential web hosts to choose from.

How did you decide which website hosting service to choose when you set up your own website? What is it about your web host that you really like? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.