How the smartphone has evolved into an all-rounder

The smartphone has helped change the way in which we live our daily lives. Giving us instant access to reams of online information and other mobile-based services this excellent device has almost become our extra limb and something that many of those amongst us would find very difficult now to live without.

Quite frankly there is not a great deal that the modern day smartphone cannot give us whether it’s helping us find information, discovering places around us, entertaining us through readily available games and downloadable TV shows and movies and even allowing us to keep in touch with family, friends, fans and followers.

Improving communication on a more convenient level was primarily what the mobile phone was set out to achieve. It allowed us to call and then even send SMS messages to friends and family. Then mostly thanks to better cellular network coverage coupled with the introduction of Bluetooth and then Wifi networks it wasn’t long before SMS became instant internet messaging and we then were introduced to web browsing, video calling and even emailing. As internet speeds increase we are able to browse more rapidly and are able to send and receive larger amounts of data to our mobile devices.

It’s hard to imagine that just a few years ago some of us would often head out with a phone, an iPod, a SatNav (if we happened to be driving somewhere), and possibly even a camera as well as a foursome of gadgets stuffed into our pockets or bags. Now thanks to the evolution of the smartphone we need just one device to carry out all of these musical, photography and guidance related tasks. Mobile’s are now even giving console gaming a run for its money and is starting to out sell next generation consoles, thanks to the incredible quality of mobile gaming now available such as multiplayer role-playing games, popular simulation efforts, independent gaming options and even mobile slots.

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As the technology has evolved so have the applications that are offered to us on our mobile devices. Thanks to cameras and sensors, improved sound and image quality, processing speeds and more these special applications are able to help give us a quick and easy way in which to take advantage of these various utilities and mobile-based features. They are able to interact with things around us, in our cars, in our homes and in our workplaces. You can connect them to docking devices and turn them in to home sound systems, or take control of the lighting, heating and even security systems based in your own household.


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