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Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system requires a whopping 8GB of internal storage to update from Windows Phone 8.1 according to WinBeta.

Windows Insiders, the programme that Microsoft ran to help test its new operating system, discovered that early versions of Windows 10 Mobile required more than 4GB — and it now seems the full OS requires double that.

The release of Windows 10 Mobile, the successor to Windows Phone 8, is imminent. But Microsoft has remained relatively quiet about the requirements to run the new software.

Requiring more than 8GB of internal storage space is a strange move by Microsoft. It has seen its largest market share gains from low-end phones in emerging markets, many of which won’t own more expensive devices with the space required to load Windows 10 Mobile.

This, in turn, could create fragmentation as the majority of users retain Windows Phone 8 and some high-end users get Windows 10 Mobile — a problem that has blighted Google’s Android OS for years.

When Apple released iOS 8 the software required 5GB of free space to install — a figure the company later rolled back to 1.1GB when users protested that they simply could not clear enough space. We may see Microsoft may end up in a similar position.



    • Hard to know if this is FUD or just bad fact checking. I’d also add that Windows Phones all have expandable (Micro SDXC) memory, so as long as the operating system can install on the internal memory, all data and apps can be installed on up to 128GB of external memory. The iPhone can’t do that.

  1. Another regurgitated article from The Times of India. No time to fact check. Sell ads instead. I think I’ll start emailing the advertisers and let them know I won’t support their product if they associate with this website.

  2. Wow, this is simply not true. The OS is a little over 4 gigabytes. However, there doesn’t exist a 5 gigabyte phone, so the next up is getting an 8 gigabyte phone. The OS does not require 8 gigabytes.. My phone on Windows 10 Mobile shows about 4 gigabytes used by the System. You probably should have checked your facts before writing such a bull crap article.

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