Software giant Microsoft has released Shared Folder sync for all OneDrive and OneDrive for Business users which makes it easier to see when someone edits shared content, to collaborate with others on one file or folder, and to search within the shared files themselves.

One of the changes is that there are two new ways to be notified when people edit your shared documents: notifications in the mobile app and daily email summaries.

The OneDrive mobile app can now show real-time notifications of which document is being edited and by whom. These notifications can even show up on your Apple Watch in case you want it that way.


The daily email summary gives updates you with edits to all files you’ve shared.

This is useful when you are working on a group project and want to quickly see which documents have a latest version you might not be aware of.

Previously, any changes made were saved in the document’s version history, so you can always go back and restore a previous version.