You can now send directions to your Android-powered smartphone from a PC, thanks to Google.

This means you can use the larger dispay of your PC to find your destination then pass the directions to your phone without having to perform a second search.

The new feature is available inside the latest version of Google Maps for Android — version 9.11.0. Once it is installed on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll see a “Send to device” option in Google Maps on your desktop. It appears at the bottom of the location card.

send to device

Click this option, and directions to the location will be sent to your Android device. The notification includes options for “Navigation” and “Directions,” so it’s ideal if you want turn-by-turn instructions or just want to see an overview of your route.

You can also just tap the address to see the location in Google Maps without automatically loading the route or navigation.

However, those who use Google Maps in “Lite mode” won’t see the “Send to device” button — even if they have the latest Maps update installed on their device.