China’s new Super Computer Will Do 100,000 Trillion Operations in a Second

A Chinese tech company is developing a new generation supercomputer capable of performing over a hundred thousand trillion computing operations per second.

The ‘Dawning 7000’ has been designed to meet market demands for high-speed communication networks, large-scale storage and application software, Li Jun, President, Dawning Information Industry said.

Dawning Information Industry, which is backed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is also the developer of Nebulae or Dawning 6000, which ranked the second in the TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers in 2010 for its measured Linpack value of 1.271 petaflop times a second.

Initial reports had suggested that the supercomputer had entered the phases of trial production and assembling, and would meet the public in two years.

However, the makers have denied reports that the supercomputer will be launched within two years.

“Dawning 7000 is not an all-purpose machine. It serves as a mainframe tailored for certain application. So the development cycle is very long,” state run Xinhua news agency quoted Li as saying.



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