Blankets and Wine – Event of the Month

We love to have fun, and as much as we work really hard, we are always ready to let our hair down and take advantage of the situation to the fullest. Speaking from a personal perspective I will say that a little swaray from time to time does no harm even if you pride yourself in being an introvert, and there is nothing that spells a combination of fun, excitement and a lot more like the Quarterly Blanket and Wine.

As it sounds that is how impressive it is. Fun does not always have to be noisy and stereotyped, sometimes a little picnic and interactive session with intellectual minds and diverse people is equally measurable to the perfect fun day.

My favourite part about this event is the fact that a lot of things go on, activities here and there. There is even a mini concert where musicians both local and within Africa come on, It does not get any better than that.  Although the first thing that came to mind when I saw this was “How do I get Tickets” Obviously it can be a bit of a problem getting tickets when it involves huge events like these and Voila! I found out that I can buy them on Kaymu, of course they are the official ticketing partner, at this point you cannot understand my excitement because not only do I get to conveniently order Online, I can get them delivered to me. The more exciting part was all the deals they had to help you spend less for more fun and before I start listing them, you have to be aware that these deals are completely wiping out, so each passing moment counts. My favorite of them has to be the

Dress for less Deal:

For this deal, you can buy your entire outfit as well as the ticket for very affordable prices. Have you ever been in a dilemma looking for the right outfit for an event? Then I am sure you know how stressful that can be especially if you are going from one physical store to the next. Apparently this deal offers you an opportunity to shop for the entire outfit including your ticket at a very convenient price, now that is not something you want to miss.

Buy a couple’s Bundle: This is perfect for all the couples, you can easily just lay claim on two tickets, Wine and pringles and the perfect setting for a romantic getway! I do not even want to get into the perks of this deal, it is beyond obvious.

Buy Your Bundle:  This deal is reserved for the friends that come in cliques! It has three bottles of wine and two tickets and many more, what more can be this exciting? That basically means your drink for the day and many other things that come in this package has been taken care of. Superb right?

Buy Four Blankets and wine Ticket and get one free: If you have a long list of friends, then this is the package for you.  Nothing spells awesome better than an extra ticket.

With all these great deals, It is really hard to come up with an excuse for not being a part of this event.  Always remember that it is important to live and let live every once a while.

Article by Kaymu UG


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