WhatsApp and Viber reportedly blocked in Burundi

As Protesters in Burundi clash with police for a third day in fresh demonstrations against the president’s bid for re-election for a third term, reports indicate that the country is attempting to block access to WhatsApp and Viber services.

According to PC Tech Magazine‘s sources in Bujumbura, the services have been blocked at Telecom Operators’ level.

But access was still possible over Wi-Fi from other Internet Service Providers, one source revealed.

The services have been helping protestors communicate in the wake of a highly volatile security situation around the capital.

AFP news agency reported of a heavy police presence across Bujumbura, with crowds of a few hundred people broken up soon after they gathered and blocked from heading to the city centre.

The government has banned all protests and deployed large numbers of police and troops onto the streets, firing tear gas and water cannons, with hundreds of stone-throwing protesters arrested.

Bujumbura has been hit by protests since Sunday after the ruling party nominated Nkurunziza for another term, which many say is unconstitutional.

The president, a former rebel leader, has been in power since 2005.

Opposition figures and rights groups say his attempt to stay in power also goes against the peace deal that ended a 13-year civil war in 2006, in which hundreds of thousands were killed.


Albert Mucunguzi

Award-winning Founder of PC Tech Magazine and current Chairman of ICTAU.
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