Nakuru Gets Free, High-Speed Wifi

The County Government of Nakuru County Government has launched a high-capacity free WiFi in Nakuru’s Central Business District (CBD) in partnership with Liquid Telecom Kenya.

The network covers a 10-kilometre radius from Nakuru’s Central Business District (CBD) with a capacity of 1 Gigabyte per second (Gbps).

At the moment, users are now enjoying a connection of 200 Megabytes per second (Mbps) but it is upgradable to 1Gbps based on demand.

Liquid Telecom will be monitoring and upgrading as the need arises.

“Liquid Telecom has put in place outdoor Wifi nodes, which are designed to carry huge capacities with the ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions to guarantee maximum and uninterrupted speeds while surfing,” said Ben Roberts, Liquid Telecom Kenya CEO.

With the built-in meshing technology incorporated in the network systems, users in Nakuru will not experience service interruptions when moving from one point to another within the areas covered in the town,” Ben added.

Liquid Telecom Kenya designed the network and is built around the strategic points accessed by the highest proportions of the town’s population.

The first phase of the free Wifi project covers the county’s Kenyatta Street, Marikiti Market, the main bus terminus at the CBD, Afraha Stadium, the county headquarters and the Westside Mall, with the second phase expected to cover more streets using street poles and other public infrastructure.

The free Wifi connection will give users with Wifi enabled devices open access to the Internet with the exception of unlawful activities such as streaming or downloading of offensive content that violates copyrights.

This is the second attempt to provide free internet access to Nakuru residents after the initial implementation by Telkom Kenya flopped in 2014.

Via CapitalFM


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