Cuba gets its first free public WiFi

Country’s state-run telecom, ETECSA, has approved Cuba’s first free public WiFi.

Country’s state-run telecom, ETECSA, has approved Cuba’s first free public WiFi.

Internet access in Cuba is very expensive and locals sometimes have to spend a week’s wages just to spend an hour emailing their family overseas.

Cubans who can reach a cultural center in Havana can now use the shared 2Mbps DSL connection of a well-known artist (Kcho) as much as they want.

In other parts of the world, a 2Mbs connection is not something that can be fussed about, but in Cuba this is a big step!

The hotspot is only available because Kcho volunteered to leave his WiFi open, and his closeness to the Cuban government gave him an edge in negotiations that others probably wouldn’t have.

This is a big step for a nation where internet access is rare even in public

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