Yesterday, Facebook prematurely leaked an app called “Phone”on its Android platform.

The new “Phone” app could be a future replacement for your phone’s core feature.

The app will display info about who’s calling you by pooling information from its user database, and will also block numbers that are commonly blocked such as spam.

Phone App

Users were greeted with an error page when they tapped “install or update” but this was probably due to the fact that the app is or was intended for “FB Only” – most likely an internal version that was launched before its intended date.

Facebook has confirmed the existence of the app but refused to release further information.

“We test new things all the time,” Facebook said in response.

Facebook has been implementing a new mobile strategy, which includes the launch of separate applications in addition to its main application – a move that began with the release – though unsuccessful – of Facebook Home, which enabled users to see their Facebook news feed even when their phone was locked.

Via ynet News