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Makerere Site Hacked, redirects to Adult Content site

Untitled design (3)In the world of hacking everything is possible, and by everything I mean, Identity theft, cyberstalking, phishing scams the list goes one. Well this Morning 6/13/2014 the victim of one of these crimes is the Makerere College of Information Science mobile site ( .

The mobile site has been hacked and it now redirects to an Adult Content site (Porn site). Now am going to give you a disclaimer before I go on. Please stop reading now if you are below 18. I take it from this point you are mature enough to read on. To be able to see this hack you need to access the site via a mobile device. Following the link above, the PC version seems to be fine.

Well try it for yourself and see. An advice to the Admin, please take down the site.



Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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