The world cup craze is getting out way as i write this with more than 100 Million related searches on Google search, am not suprised the social networks are joining in on the party. This started with Facebook creating a hub and a few hours we saw twitter join in with a similar update and a few other updates. Well here is a quick overview of these updates.

Facebook Hub.

The Hub has some cool features like match updates, player and teams. So fans will always keep up with their favourite teams. Similar to timelines you will be able to keep up with what your friends are posting about the world cup. The hub will also provide a visual map of how fans are interacting worldwide using the Fan Map. Another feature we are also looking out for is the FacebookRef which is going to be giving live commentary from the on going matches.




Well Twitter has taken this further, because if you are now signing up for a twitter account, you have an option of picking a Flag of one of the teams in the world cup as your avatar. We now even have the awesome #flags which appear if you tweet using a hashtag of the different country code like #ENG will bring an England Flag. Like Facebook, they will also have a dedicated page where you can keep up with the live scores and the tweets with #worldcup


I can say am impressed and i expect more crazy updates as we go along, but if you want an app for all this craze i suggest you check the official FIFA app.

Catch you in the next one