Tech giant Samsung is teaming up with bicycle designer Giovanni Pelizzoli to create a smart bike that you can control with your phone.

The Samsung Smart Bike which was shown off at a design trade show in Milan, works in conjunction with a Samsung smartphone, which a rider would mount between the bike’s handle bars.

Through the phone, a user could control the bike’s smart features, which include switching laser beams on and off to create bike lanes or viewing directions.



These laser beams could also turn on automatically as it gets dark outside since they work with the ambient light sensors on your Samsung phone.

GPS routes picked up by the bike and your phone can also be sent to local authorities so that these paths can be turned into real bike lanes.

smartbikecamerafeedIt comes with a camera on the back that syncs with your Samsung phone to function as a rear-view mirror too. This means you’ll be able to view footage from the camera on your phone’s screen to see what’s behind you.

It comes with its own battery, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, digital camera, and laser projectors all packed inside.

It’s unclear if the bike is just a design concept at the moment or if it’ll swing into production in the near future.

Source: BI