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FIFA: App Review

The FIFA World Cup just hours away and there is a lot of excitement going on among the soccer lovers world wide. We are also very glad to bring you a review of our best world cup app so far and why we think this app is not only on point via design but will also give you a great experience as you enjoy the world cup season.

The Cool Features:

snp1Clean UI

The app has a very clean user interface and what we liked about the user interface was the balance between the multiple tabs that capture everything the app is about like the news, standings, teams and the schedules and the Navigation drawer which not only has a list of the different features your are trying to look for but also has an attached notification button which is detached from the main action bar as you pull out the Navigation drawer.

Ads Strategy

Fifa has many sponsors for the world cup and most of these care about the visibility of their brands on all world cup material. From Team buses to the billboards, and we love to see a Spanish bus all branded Coca Cola, but what we don’t want to see, is Coca Cola in our app pop up ads that pisses users off, so with that in mind they designed a mini bar slightly below the action bar and they put an unclickable ad, one of my colleagues calls this smart ads because it servers its role and does not popup all the time.

Notification Button

snp2With the weird world Cup hours down here in Uganda, the Notification button in this app is going to come in handy. You can keep up with the line-ups, live updates of the match, team related news and Kick-off times which by the way you can add to your Google calender via the app and are displayed in your local time. This is the coolest feature I noticed in this app because i know the designers put a lot of thought in how i would get the best experience, without even waking up to watch the matches.

The Downside:

Before you download the app, you might want to know that in our test on different android devices we got a few force closes, and the app was extremely slow in some, so here goes.

The Android KitKat Experience is very nice and super fast, when we tried it on lower versions of Jelly Bean we got a few force closes errors and the app is a bit slow. the versions below this gave us a poor experience and am not surprised about some negative comments in the Google play store reviews.

Well there you have it, go ahead and download the app on Google play store and let us know what you think about the app in the comments section.



Nicholas Kamanzi

Computer Engineer and Tech Reviewer.
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