Pictures showing  Nokia’s own customized version of Android have leaked online showing the internal project’s interface for the first time.

The pictures were released by Twitter-based @evleaks  which has a record of leaking products before they are released to the public.

Nokia has reportedly been working in private on its own ‘forked’ version of Android for some time, taking the basic open-source component of the mobile software and adding its own tweaks.

nokia android

The pics show a home screen with some simple widgets, a call incoming screen with various options depicted in simple, tasteful monochrome icons, and a customized Skype app (Skype being another Microsoft division). The notification bar shows standard Wi-Fi and battery icons, and two reception bars for dual SIM cards.

Nokia is apparently envisaging using Android on, namely colourful Asha-style plastic handsets, with a codename:Normandy.

Source: CNet