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HTTPS Now Default in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo CEOMarissa Mayer
Yahoo CEOMarissa Mayer

After promising back in October to automatically encrypt all connections between our users and Yahoo Mail, Yahoo has finally enabled default HTTPS for all users of its Yahoo Mail service.

This was announced by CEO Marissa Meyer in her keynote speech at CES, following pressure from security advocates last October.

All users of the service, whether they are accessing it on the Web, mobile Web, mobile apps, or via IMAP, POP or SMTP protocols will enjoy the additional layer of security.


Yahoo says its encryption is protected with 2,048 bit certificates and covers all items within Mail, including calendars, contacts, attachments, etc.

last month , Yahoo Mail was the subject of criticism after a sustained outage that led Meyer to apologize for the “unacceptable” situation. The HTTPS switch-on comes exactly one year after Yahoo first rolled out an SSL encryption feature for Mail.

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