Land Title Deed kenyaTwo undergraduate students pursuing Information Technology from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology have developed an innovative solution aimed at streamlining land registration and title deed acquisition process.

Robert Ouko developed the biometric land registration system while Jeniffer Mwai marketed it.

They seeks to forestall land ownership issues such as land grabbing prevalent in Kenya and other parts of the world.

“I came up with this idea to solve the rampant land ownership problems in Kenya because land is a resource that is of great concern to every human being and it is indeed closer to the heart,” said Ouko.

If the system is adopted, the uncalled for disputes over land ownership will be a thing of the past, Ouko said.

The system captures a person’s land details using fingerprints thus making it impossible for one to “grab” another person’s land without their knowledge.

The technology has the capacity to take and store a person’s image, fingerprints, eye details and details automatically.

And with the availability of internet connectivity in many parts of the country for data transfer and processing, the biometric system will reduce the time taken to register for title deeds, conduct land searches, process land certificates and land transfer for people who do not have fingers or eyes.

The system is also online based on cloud computing technology, data availability and accessibility is guaranteed regardless of a person’s location globally.

They believe this digital application will enhance food security in Kenya because of the full land rights it accords to individuals to exploit their land thus boosting food production.

The software has already been patented under the Kenya Industrial Property Institute.

Source: The Star