Windows_Phone_8-4596_1Yesterday, Microsoft released some statistics, saying that they  had seen record sales of Windows Phone this holiday worldwide.

Microsoft’s mobile operating system has being growing at record pace in the past few months, thanks to Nokia.

The company has also revealed that Windows Phone has actually managed to outsell iOS in 24 major markets across the world. Not only do these include developing countries in Asia and Latin America, but also some bigger markets in Europe.

Christopher Flores, the director of communications for Microsoft said that Windows Phone was attacking both ends of the smartphone market and its efforts would only get more aggressive once the acquisition of Nokia is completed.

According to him, in 14 markets WP is the second most popular OS, while in 24 it is outselling iOS, so it is only a matter of time before they become a strong hold for Windows Phone as well. The list of countries where Windows Phone is the second largest mobile operating system includes India, Mexico, Italy, South Africa, Malaysia, and Hungary among others.

Microsoft said in a statement:

“We’ve seen record sales of Windows Phone this holiday worldwide, nearly doubling phone sales during Christmas week (YOY). In the third quarter this year, according to IDC, Windows Phone reinforced its position as a top three smartphone operating system and was the fastest-growing platform among the leading operating systems with 156% year-over-year gain. Windows Phone is the #2 smartphone operating system in 14 markets, and shipped more units than iPhone in 24 markets in Q3. Our portfolio continues to expand: from award-winning flagship devices like the Nokia Lumia 928/1020/1520, to affordable new innovations like the Lumia 520/625/1320 and Huawei W1/W2.”

At this pace, Microsoft might be able to crack the 10 percent market share in an year.