moto_x_1Google is going all in to support the Moto X, the first flagship handset released by Motorola Mobility since being acquired by the Web giant a year ago. Google is expected to allow the unit to spend up to $500 million marketing the highly-anticipated smartphone in the U.S. and overseas.

With an emphasis toward customer convenience and customization, Motorola has reportedly taken steps to limit “bloatware,” the apps and services pre-installed on handsets by carriers that are often useless and difficult to remove without rooting the device. Customers will be able to choose the colors for the back of the device and the trim and engrave a name or message to the back cover.

A sign-up page for the Moto X handset finally went live earlier this month, offering users access to the product information and promotional offers. The page, which touts the Moto X as “the first smartphone designed, engineered and assembled in the USA,” promises that the handset is “coming soon.”

Motorola said it expects to have more than 2,000 new employees at a Fort Worth, Texas, facility building the phones. The domestic location will enable the phones to arrive in customers’ hands within days of their order, according to ABC News.

Source: CNET