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Tips to Protecting your data

cyber-crime-hacker-580x358Many times, we fall victims to security loopholes or hacks which leave our data breached or liable to being breached. Sometimes, we are not are of the loopholes we have left open.

When dealing with protecting your data, there is need to ensure that all your data is safe at any given time. Below are some tips to help you secure your data.

  1. Make sure your operating system and antivirus software are always updated. There are plenty of viruses being created everyday and you need to constantly update your system and the antivirus.
  2. Backup your data before and store the backup in a safe place. It would be useless to keep the backup in place easily accessible.
  3. Always move sensitive data from your laptop hard drive to an encrypted USB stick. In this way you know you alone has access to it
  4. Make sure you have password protection and inactivity timeout engaged on all devices including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  5. If possible, only use reputable Internet service providers. Some providers offer insecure connections.
  6. If you do not trust the Internet connection you are using use a VPN.
  7. Do not use WiFi connections that are not encrypted with WPA (avoid WEP encrypted connections which are easily hacked).
  8. Avoid online banking and shopping while on any public Internet connection.
  9. Disable pop-ups in your web browser.
  10.  If you suspect that your laptop has become infected and you do not trust your Anti virus, you can get a free online scan from different online Anti-virus.
  11. Don’t assume your laptop is safe from malware  just because it is a Mac or because you are using a linux operating system. Consider installing a reputable antivirus product.

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