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Yahoo launches Weather app for iPhone and Yahoo Mail app for iPad and Android

Yahoo has been steadily concentrating on the mobile platform ever since Marissa Mayer has taken over as the new CEO. It has acquired smaller companies like Snip.It and Summly and also revamped its email client by integrating it with Dropbox. Now, Yahoo has added two new apps called the Yahoo! Weather and a tablet version of its Yahoo! Mail app.


At first glance, the Yahoo Weather app is sure to take your breath away. Unlike traditional weather apps that show numbers and generic animation of sunshine or storm clouds, Yahoo’s weather app is more image-centric showing what the weather actually looks like in that part of the globe. These images are sourced from Flickr, where users as a part of the Project Weather Group, submit photos of their current location.

By giving it a social aspect, Yahoo! is cleverly using a workforce that is spread around the globe and also ensuring that you never see two same pictures when the weather changes. Besides the current temperature and image, the app is also surprisingly detailed giving other relevant information like precipitation, wind and pressure, a radar map, and more.

The Mail app, on the other hand, offers a clutter-free interface and sorts all the emails in an easy way to help manage them. The app also lets you view your mails in full-screen and recognizes gestures that let you flip to your next email with just a swipe.

You can download the Yahoo! Weather app from the App Store and the Yahoo! Mail for your tablets from thePlay Store or the App Store.

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