List of “Useless” Websites

The internet is very amazing, It is an asset which has brought information to our finger tips. Through it, we can access information from different websites, this does not leave it without some surprises. I have come across plenty of websites which fit my description of useless.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you some of these unique sites. You can Click the respective links to have a look at these sites.

  1. Ducks are the best
  2. Ding Ding
  3. Omfg Dogs
  4. Republic of mangoes
  5. Move now, Think later
  6. Blue Ball Machine
  7. Cat Bounce
  8. Opposite of poop
  9. Giant Bat Farts
  10. Please Donate
  11. www.ooooiiii.com
  12. www.wwwdotcom.com
  13. Please Like
  14. Is my computer On?
  15. Ten cents
  16. Patience is a virtue
  17. Ringing Telephone
  18. Something

You can add more in the comments and we will update this list.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is constantly updated as we get information about more sites to include to this list. You can contribute to the list by utilizing the comments box below. 



Ephraim Batambuze III

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