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Leaked PS4 photos precede Sony press conference

playstation-2013-ps4-feb-20A newly leaked photograph purporting to be of the rumoured PlayStation 4 shows the console will feature a touchscreen controller, building anticipation ahead of the upcoming Sony press conference.

The photograph – published on the Destructoid website which assures readers the veracity of the picture has been confirmed by multiple sources – shows a hand-held Dual-Shock style controller featuring a touch-screen panel on the front and big blue light on the back, and is alleged to be a prototype of the controller for the widely-expected PlayStation 4.
As reported by HumanIPO recently, Sony has sent out invites for a February 20 press conference, with the company explaining that “the future of PlayStation” will be the topic of discussion.

However, rumours were immediately sparked that a new model PlayStation would be unveiled at the conference, given Sony’s historical favouring of press conferences to announce and launch new products, having done so in 1999, 2005 and 2011.

Credit: HumanIPO

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