MS Word Has Many Unexplored Smart Features

It is still an absolutely essential programme that is available on almost every computer in the office, even though its usage has lessened through the years.

Furthermore, there are also several free alternatives available, like OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Google Docs.

Many users, however, don’t seem to be aware of many smart features of Ms Word and do not experience its full potential.

If you’re a heavy blogger, it is recommended for you to use a blogging client to write posts, rather than using the built-in web editor from your user dashboard.

Starting with Word 2007, you can now publish posts directly to your blog from Ms Word.

Using a blogging programme has several advantages because what you see is what you get, meaning, your blog post appear on your blog the way you see it on screen.

It takes advantages of built-in features of the programme such as hotkeys, automatically upload local media files directly to your server and lets you save a local draft for offline editing.

Before you can use Word to make blog posts, you need to register you blog first. You can set it up by going to File > New > Blog Post. Word will prompt you to register your blog.

While Word’s doc file format is considered to be the most popular for documents, some wouldn’t still consider reading a Word document. This is where thePDF will come in handy.

For instance, if you are submitting your CV online, it is recommended that you submit it in PDF format, rather than doc.

After all, some documents are only meant to be read, rather than being edited, as is the case with magazines, books and probably other documents.

You can save your work as PDF natively in Word 2010. For the 2007 version, you need to install Service Pack 2. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for Word 2003 and below.

There comes a time when you may want to insert a mathematical equation in document. Some people try the hard and laborious way of typing the formula. This feature has always been a part of Ms Office since 2000.

While you’re at it, you can also download and install Chemistry Add-in for Word to enable you to insert Chemistry objects into your document.

Sometimes, for certain types of documents such as CVs and brochures, you actually spend more time designing the layout and design of the document than typing the actual content of the document.

This includes setting up your favourite font, font size, margin, text alignment and paper size.

But instead of doing this, you can just use Word’s built-in templates and you just have to fill out the missing information and forget the layout. The result is that you save time and have more consistent, smart documents.

Mac owners have had a rocky past with Ms Word although Microsoft appears to have succeeded in pleasing the majority of users with the latest 2011 edition released in October of last year.

Thankfully, Word has improved over the years – despite a few rough patches here and there — and the version released last year as part of the Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac suite has actually reclaimed some of its former glory as the premiere


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