Sony makes inroads in Uganda’s budding television industry

During the conference, Sony, trailblazers in video camera technologies, displayed the Handy camcorder camera, which displays high video quality. And with in-depth playback on its Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen, the Handycam can reply your memories in rich video quality, without the need for 3D glasses.

At display was also the interchangeable lens that gives a cameraman versatility to enjoy a level of creative freedom. Inspired by the growth prospects in the television and filming industry, senior executives from Sony offered a hands-on experience during the conference.

“We feel the Ugandan market is expanding greatly in the sense of creating programmes and films. We have some new technology and products, which are enabling cameramen and film producers to make content,” said Nigel Thompson, the Sales Manager Sony Professional Solutions, Africa region.

Uganda is migrating from analog to digital in what experts feel will lead to an increase in the production of local content programmes. The country has set a target of 2012 to switch to digital. Equipment from companies like Sony is expected to boost the drive to produce more local programmes.

Thompson said: “We are here to show these products to these people so that they can do their jobs better and with greater creativity”, The Observer reports.

Both the television and film industry in Uganda are experiencing high growth. However, the quality of content still leaves a lot to be desired as a result of poor workmanship and obsolete technology that relies on outdated cameras and poor editing equipment.

“The enthusiastic response illustrates the great appetite for establishing relationships and partnerships to help address the current technological changes and innovations in the broadcast, ICT and media community,” said Sedu Muwanga a director with Visual Engineering Services.



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